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Starlight Scholars

What is Starlight Scholars

This 501c3 provides job skills and support for the most in need. We design, develop, implement, and support job development and community engagement for mothers.

Why Starlight Scholars

In American, according to 2017 U.S. Census Bureau, out of about 12 million single-parent families with children under the age of 18, more than 80% were headed by single mothers.

About 4 out 10 children were born to unwed mothers and today 1 in 4 children under the age of 18 — a total of about 17.2 million — are being raised without a father.

With this mind, knowing that most children are being raised by single mothers let’s look at working mom pay and statistics.

If a single mother is able to work, her earning power still lags significantly compared with men’s, about 79¢ to a $1 for the same job — leaving a wage gap of 21¢ on the dollar.

The wage disparities are even greater for women of color — African-American women earn only 64¢, while Hispanic and Latinas fare worse, being paid just 56¢ on the dollar. This number goes even farther down if you have children and even lower if you have more than 1. Among children living with mother only, 40% lived in poverty in America.

A working mom who is Hispanic could make as low as 43¢ on the dollar being one of our lowest paid demographic yet these women are raising the majority of our countries children. 


Providing, job readiness training, and community for moms.


Liana Griffin is a dedicated, creative, and forward-thinking individual who enjoys solving problems, and building relationships. A strategic learning and development business partner using instructional design, learning theories, project management, graphic design principles, and behaviorism to transform a business gap into the right business solution with quantifiable results to support change.

What Starlight Scholars does is find the need within the community, the gap that needs to be filled. We then design and develop training to support this gap and behavior change and teach mother’s this new skill enabling them to be the perfect candidates for this job opportunity.

We don’t stop there!

Starlight Scholars creates an on-going community. We start this community for them to leverage as an ongoing tool for mentoring, training, and building a support network as working moms.

Training & Mentoring

Starling Scholars supports local business owners by offering a free service to obtain qualified employees who are the most neglected and underpaid demographic in the American workplace, Moms.

Demand for Service

Currently, there is a lot of educational training that is geared towards people in technology or some other type of career path. These sessions are not free and will limit the audience for the most at need.

Working Moms are the most underpaid type of American Worker. 1 in 4 working moms are the breadwinner and main provider for their family, and 40% of them are living under the poverty line.

Business Goal

Short-term business goal for Starlight Scholars is to help mothers build new skill in order to be hired for new jobs.

Starlight Scholars long-term goal is to make a difference in peoples lives and be an advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

Get Involved

Q: Do you want to give back and be a team lead? Each project has a team leader who is either a subject matter expert, facilitator, coach, or just passionate about community involvement and want to give back?

Q: Do you have a company or small business that needs a few new employees for an entry level position but you don’t have money to train them?

Q: Are you passionate about working moms and supporting this demographic in your community?

Email us at to get involved.

Keep Informed

– Instagram for awareness.
Starlight Scholars Facebook page for each project to support the ongoing community.
– Speaker Events to find business partners.