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Titles & Tangents Book Reviews

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As a working mom, I find reading time comes in waves. I get most of my reading done while traveling for work or once my kids have gone to bed. I’m thankful my friend invited me to her book club Titles and Tangents so I could be more accountable for finishing the books and made some great friendships along the way. The 7 of us in the book club all have 2 kids and are moms, but other than that we are a diverse group with really different backgrounds and it makes for very interesting discussions and tangents.

Here are 6 of the books I read, what I thought of them, and maybe a little slice of what the other ladies in the book club had to say about them.


Part of me really liked this book. The first part really captured me and I loved how premise. What would the world look like if women had all the power? What I liked the most about the book was how it made me question how I think and gave me a moment in time to wonder what if. Great book for conversation and really enjoyed hearing what others in the book club thought about the book. About half the ladies didn’t like the book and found the middle section hard to get past. If you find this to be true, skip ahead and read the last 20% and you will be fine. Great topic and good thought-provoking ideas but overall I would give the book only 2 out of 5.

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I really got into this book. I love to travel and I enjoyed hearing about the places the main character went and what she saw and did there. It was a captivating mystery and I really wanted to know what happened and got halfway through the book quickly. Then about at this point, I started to really not like the main character, she was so self-destructive and was a total mess. I was a little disappointed with the story and found it very stereotypical and not very realistic. Then, in the end, they try to wrap it all up with other typical women like ended. Makes me wonder about the man who wrote it and who are the women in his life? This gets a 1 out of 5 even if the first half is great, not worth the time.

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This memoir about a girls family, her upbringing, and the journey she took to gain formal education and the price she paid when she took off the sunglasses that shaped her whole life. I really enjoyed getting this peek into her life and I see how it reminds readers of Glass Castle. Both ladies came from really hard situations and made it out. One thing that is very different about them is Tara’s family was very religious. This is a story about love, commitment, but there is also a lot of abuse, enablement, and damage that cannot be undone. It is heartbreaking but also a good reminder that we all take different journeys in life, we all belong, and to be humble as we never really know everything behind the face of the people we interact with. This book gets 4 out of 5. Great story but I would have liked to see more tied together like the horses that take up a lot of the story and could have been blended better to enhance the underline meaning.



This book was something my husband had started and didn’t finish so it was fun reading it and telling him all about it as I had moments that made me wonder if I would ever eat out again or to remind him to not let me order the Sunday Special ever!!! Hubby and I are foodies so this book was interesting to hear the behind the scenes of the kitchen but to be totally honest ignorance is bliss and maybe it is just better to not know.  As a vegetarian, it is clear Anthony isn’t a fan and I too wasn’t a fan of the details on some of his meat dished. Just TMI if you ask me, even if you like meat. In the end, I do feel more educated and will avoid lemons on my drink and other dishes as a result of reading this book. So I give it a 2 out of 5 and might suggest listening to the audio version with Anthony narrating.



I really enjoyed this book, and not just because I met the author with my book club. The story really captured me and I loved the mini stories around each person and how they all got this place. It is really about people, love, connections, and what we are all looking for in life. Liane is a great writer and I couldn’t put this book down as I wanted to know what was next in their journey or how they might manage the situation they didn’t realize they would be in. As a mom some parts even made me cry and I was sad the book was over. I give it a 5 out of 5 and would suggest others to read it.



I was recently on a long road trip and heard Sadie was a great audiobook. It was the BEST I have ever heard. In fact, it was as if it was designed to be an audiobook since the story is about a podcast. Looking back at the book (at book club) it reads more like a script and that seems kind of annoying so totally recommend the audio version. Loved the story about Sadie and her journey with the what life tosses at her. It is a story about bravery, about love, family, and how dark the world can be. Even thou I wasn’t a huge fan for how it ended I will only give it a 4 out of 5 since there was a big flaw in how Sadie got to stalk people to then find them at the bar without a cellphone or access to the internet. So the book only gets 4, but a 5 for it being an audiobook.


See what I am currently reading on my Two Working Mom Highlights and let me know what you are reading and if you have any recommendations. * L

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