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Best Birthday Gift EVER

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I am a working woman and I not only do I have a 401k job that takes up 50+ hours of my week I also have a nonprofit Starlight Scholars, and small foundation Two Working Moms that take up some of my free time when I am not mom-ing. I love being a mom, it is what I wanted back when I was in preschool playing house. I also love having a career and working on solving problems that help other be successful in their lives. As you can tell life is full.

Another year has passed and my birthday is coming up. My hubby asked what I wanted and after thinking about it what I really want is time. Time to focus on my 2019 goals and my 7 key pillars, time for me, me time!

So for my birthday this year I gave myself the best birthday gift ever and gave myself a week off. 


The only time I have ever given myself time off was when I was able to carve out a little time before I started a new job or if you count the 8 weeks I went on short-term disability aka Amazon Maternity Leave. Yes I have taken vacations, done trips, did staycations, but never alone and just for me.

This week I took time off to do me and it was the best gift I have ever received. Kind of makes me sad it took me 40 year to think of this perfect gift.

We all know the best thing you can do to take care of your family, friends, and loved ones is to take care of yourself. So this year for your birthday consider giving yourself time. If you are a stay-at-home mom hire a nanny for the week. If you work at home, hire someone to take over for the week. If you work for a company ask for that time off.

You know best what you will want to do for your week. For me I made a list of what I was NOT going to do and what I was so I could make the most of my time. I still woke up at 4:30/5am to go running and most of the time will be spent on my 7 focus areas for 2019.

Family: Host playdate, volunteer at my son’s school, field trip with daughter’s preschool.

Home: Take down Halloween decorations, look into bathroom renovations.

Education: Finish book for bookclub, cooking and Spanish classes.

Work: Paperwork to move nonprofit from CA to WA, work on my Instagram and FB page.

Creation: Blog posts, TWM event, make blanket, family holiday photos.

Love: Date with hubby, 2 meals for new baby friends, massage session.

Health: Sign-Up for races and look into a fasting week.

Here is what I will NOT do: Clean the House, Organize Things, Special Meals, Weekly Errands, or Sleeping In.

Follow along with me on Facebook or Instagram. I post about working moms, life in the Pacific North West, monthly challenges, and how I am doing on my goals.

Happy Birthday to me!!!! * L


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