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NO-vember Spending Challenge

Last year my family and I did NO-vember and did what we could to make and or save money and spend less. This year we are upping our game and have a game plan for what this month’s Two Working Moms challenge is all about.

Join us and let’s share this journey of saving money and living with less this November. I really like the fact my kids are getting older and will be more involved this year. It is a good experience to live with less.


Here are the 5 rules of this months NO-vember challenge:

  1. No Eating Out: This includes Starbucks coffee, lunches, happy hours, pastries or even a cookie while out and about.
  2. 15 No Spend Days: There are 30 days in November and half of them are going to be no spend days. Not one dollar!!! Ekkkkkkk.
  3. No Extras: No special treats at the store, flowers for the house, trips to the nail salon, and all that.
  4. Meal Planning: We are pretty good with our meal planning but we buy a lot of extra stuff and what not. For NO-vember we are are going to stick to a strict plan and maybe see how cheap we can get it each week.
  5. Use the Cash Envelope: This concept isn’t new and we tried it once or twice and it just didn’t last long. Going to try it out again and see if we can make it work. Essential you only use the cash you have for that category and by seeing it and not charging you can be more accountable. Our problem was we left that envelope at home or didn’t have it with us when we got gas, or whatever it was.

There is still some time to prep for NO-vember. Make a list of some fun free activities to do so you have a plan for your no spend days. I made a list of free fall fun with kids you can start with.

When you make soup or find a good deal, buy or make a few extra and freeze it for a cheap and easy meal. Maybe check out a new grocery store or do online ordering to reduce impulse buys.

I’ll be sharing NO-vember tips and tricks for saving money all month long. I’ll keep you posted on how we are doing with this challenge and what our reward will be on Two Working Moms Facebook Page. Make sure to do the same and let us know what money saving tips you love and work for you.

Follow Two Working Moms and be part of the NO-vember challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #TWMnovember. Post your tips and share your wins with us! Let’s do this together. * L