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Virtual Running Group – Week 11

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For our 11th week, we are going to add a mile to our short runs for 2 at 6 miles, then another mile for our long run at 12 miles.

Week 11 of 12 challenge:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 3.07.53 PM

If you have your half marathon in 2 weeks we will have week 12 be the week before and we will be doing a shorter run for our long run. Personally, I like to do my longest run in my half marathon training 2 weeks before so the week prior doesn’t make me sore or put negative thoughts in my head about not being able to do it.

On your long run have a plan to keep you going. I have a series of questions I ask myself when I am ready to stop, want to walk, question why I signed up for this race. I ask myself these 3 questions:

  1. Are you bleeding? (I don’t ask myself if I am hurting, of course I am, and being on my period doesn’t count. I have fallen and tripped while running and you dust yourself off and if you aren’ gushing blood you keep going).
  2. Are you causing permanent damage? 
  3. Are you going to die? Well, not today…. and at times you think you can’t keep going but you do. Your head will give out long before your legs will.

One thing I learned from having both of my babies without any medical intervention is my body can do a lot more than my mind thinks it can. Running is just that, a mind trick, so make sure you have a game plan to tackle these thoughts.

It is never too late to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners.  Keep us posted on how your runs are going and what races you are signed up for.  * L

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