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Virtual Running Group – Week 9

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For our 9th week, we are going to add a mile to our short runs for a total of 5-miles for and adding another mile to our long run for a total of 10 miles.

Week 9 of 12 challenge:


Let’s talk about safety and making sure you don’t get hurt while running.

Some things I do to stay safe is to run on paths or trails to avoid cars. There are a lot of walking and running paths in Seattle including stairs and a lot of hills if you are up for a challenge. Check out some local state park to find trails near you.

Trails can also be very popular with bikers. The rule is to stay to the far right like a car (in America) so the faster person can pass on the left.

Bright clothing can also help keep you safe and visible to cars. I wear a bright pink vest with reflection tape and have a lot of bright running clothes that I use on my long runs.

Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners. Keep us posted on how your runs are going. * L

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