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Free Fall Fun

My oldest just started kindergarten and I was so excited, but let me tell you it has been hard. I’m a crazy person who wakes up on my own around 5:30-6am. However, my mornings are no longer quite, or out running for an hour before taking a long hot shower. Now I start my day in a rush, so I can then get my son up and ready for school. I think he might be the slowest eater ever and not sure why going to the bathroom has turned into a power struggle but yeah, mornings just aren’t the same.

Work has been especially crazy with early calls with London and dinner time calls with Singapore. Now that it is Fall soccer is back on and with that and my kids’ other activities and the evenings just fly by. I don’t want our weekends to fill up with chores and all the other stuff I am not doing during the week.

So as we all fall into Fall I thought it would be helpful to make a must do list. Seattle is absolutely beautiful in the fall and the amber leaves don’t last that long. Here is what I hope to add to our weekends before winter arrives:

  1. Festival – Check out Facebook events and find a festival in your area. Here we have the Vashon CiderFest on 10/6 to taste some local cider and bouncy house fun at the fire station. Plus just taking the boat ferry there will be an adventure.
  2. Apple Picking – We live in Seattle so there are a ton of places to go in WA to pick apples. Find a u-pink in your area and get ready to make some yummy fall treats.
  3. Bake Pies – Something about fall makes you want to eat spices and cozy up inside with your loved ones and fire. If you go apple picking, make an apple pie or my other favorite pumpkin, or both!
  4. Fall Leave Art – Go for a walk and collect fall leaves to do crafts with your little ones at home.
  5. GardeningPlant bulbs and make sure to do it before November. I forget this every year since its cold and the last thing I think of is gardening, but come spring you will be thankful.
  6. Do a Race – Find a fun family race to do together. I know there are a few here in Seattle at Green Lake and maybe a kids dash. If you are kids are 5 and under try doing the color run for free.
  7. Chilli – Make a big batch of vegetarian chili (freeze a bunch for easy dinner nights).
  8. Make Pumpkin Bread – This might happen a few times. My kids and I love to bake.
  9. Carve Pumpkins – Can’t forget a fall classic. We love carving pumpkins!!!
  10. Halloween Playdate – Host a Halloween playdate early in the fall. Have everyone bring old customs and do a trade at the playdate. Have your guest help decorate for fall or do a fall activity to get everyone in the spirit. 42513387_2053666598279841_5139501202337169408_n
  11. Thankfulness – Find creative ways to share what you are thankful for with family.
  12. NOvember – Last year my family started doing NOvember, a month of no spending, save money, and do free fun stuff. We still pay our bills and buy food but we don’t do anything extra. Kind of excited to do it again this year and raise the bar!
  13. Fort Fun – Something about fall makes you want to curl up and snuggle with your family and a good book. On our list, this fall is to build a pillow, blanket fort, snuggle up, and read some fall favorites.
  14. Day of the Dead – Mexican culture is a part of my families history and every fall I move the shrine I have in my office to the fireplace mantel in our living room. Last year my Dad joined that shrine and it was a way to talk about death to my kids. We want a cartoon around the day of the dead and spend the afternoon talking about family and loved ones no longer with us.
  15. SOUPS – Fall is busy and I am still getting the hang of having a little one in school. Soups are fun, easy, and so nice on a cold dark evening. Seattle summers are hot so I really look forward to Fall and eating soups. If you follow me or my foodie hubby on Instagram you will see a lot of vegetarian soups this fall.
  16. SMORE’s – There is this small window between summer and fall when it is cold enough to light a fire pit in our backyard and just dark enough to enjoy. We missed this last year and this time around I hope to set aside an evening to buddle up with blankets and make SMORE’s in the backyard after dinner.
  17. Stargazing – It is a special treat living in the Pacific North West and experiencing the seasons. Fall is the shift for the dark sky to arrive earlier and earlier. This fall I want to take advantage of it and set up our air mattress or inflatable pool up and create a cozy nest of pillows and blankets as we stargaze. There are fun phone apps you can download to help find the different constellations like Sky Guide.
  18. Keeping Others Warm – Right around now I take all of our winter coats to the dry cleaner and assess what still fits for my kids. Whatever does not fit or no longer needed is gather up and donate to shelters in our community.
  19. Make a Bird Feeder – Make a pine cone bird feeder. Go for a walk and find pinecones to do a craft activity at home.
  20. Drink Hot Cider – Make some hot cider at home and take a thermos to the beach or lake and take in the fall evening or afternoon with family.

What kind of fun Fall activities do you have on your list? Share them and keep in touch with us here, on Instagram, or on Facebook.

Happy Fall * Liana

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Virtual Running Group – Week 12

For our last week, we are going to take it easy and just do two 3 miles runs to keep things moving. The big race is next week and you are ready!!!!

Week 12 of 12 challenge:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 3.18.49 PM.png

This is our last week for the half marathon build-up challenge. It has been really fun getting to know everyone and I’m going to miss our weekly events. I still plan on running and posting and hope we all will keep in touch with our hashtag #TWMrunners.

This week let’s talk about all the things you should do now before the big day. Make sure to cut your toenails really short. You don’t want to do this a few days before the race so do them now so your toes are not sore on race day. Vaseline or some kind of body rub for the day of (feet and areas the rub with clothing). Make sure you don’t miss getting your bib at the expo. (I totally missed a race because I thought you can get the bib at the event). And never wear the race day shirt on the race day; someone told me it was bad luck.

Whatever you do don’t forget to have fun!!!!


RUN with our virtual running group and make sure to hashtag your race photo!!! It is never too late to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners.  Keep us posted on how your runs are going and what races you are signed up for.  * L

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Virtual Running Group – Week 11

For our 11th week, we are going to add a mile to our short runs for 2 at 6 miles, then another mile for our long run at 12 miles.

Week 11 of 12 challenge:

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 3.07.53 PM

If you have your half marathon in 2 weeks we will have week 12 be the week before and we will be doing a shorter run for our long run. Personally, I like to do my longest run in my half marathon training 2 weeks before so the week prior doesn’t make me sore or put negative thoughts in my head about not being able to do it.

On your long run have a plan to keep you going. I have a series of questions I ask myself when I am ready to stop, want to walk, question why I signed up for this race. I ask myself these 3 questions:

  1. Are you bleeding? (I don’t ask myself if I am hurting, of course I am, and being on my period doesn’t count. I have fallen and tripped while running and you dust yourself off and if you aren’ gushing blood you keep going).
  2. Are you causing permanent damage? 
  3. Are you going to die? Well, not today…. and at times you think you can’t keep going but you do. Your head will give out long before your legs will.

One thing I learned from having both of my babies without any medical intervention is my body can do a lot more than my mind thinks it can. Running is just that, a mind trick, so make sure you have a game plan to tackle these thoughts.

It is never too late to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners.  Keep us posted on how your runs are going and what races you are signed up for.  * L

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Virtual Running Group – Week 10

For our 10th week, we are going to keep our short runs at 5-miles for and adding another mile to our long run for a total of 11 miles.

Week 10 of 12 challenge:

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 4.50.30 PM

Let’s talk about the girls, and if you are a guy running with us well this might not be the post for you.

Having the right sports bra is super important. I had a few favorites I used and over time I found out they just didn’t last the washes and lost its hold. You do not want to find out on a half marathon that you don’t feel supported and wish you had a better bra. I even know some ladies that fun with two! Everyone is different so find what works for you, but do invest in something.

I ended up spending some money on this Fabletic ultimate impact bra and thought I would love it, but I ended up not. It is very supportive but for me, the cut just didn’t feel right and it was just too much gear with the zipper, snaps and adjustable straps. Guess for now I will stick with Target sports bras.

What are some of the sports bras you love and why?

Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners. Keep us posted on how your runs are going, what works for you, and join the great moms out there who are already running with us. * L

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Virtual Running Group – Week 9

For our 9th week, we are going to add a mile to our short runs for a total of 5-miles for and adding another mile to our long run for a total of 10 miles.

Week 9 of 12 challenge:


Let’s talk about safety and making sure you don’t get hurt while running.

Some things I do to stay safe is to run on paths or trails to avoid cars. There are a lot of walking and running paths in Seattle including stairs and a lot of hills if you are up for a challenge. Check out some local state park to find trails near you.

Trails can also be very popular with bikers. The rule is to stay to the far right like a car (in America) so the faster person can pass on the left.

Bright clothing can also help keep you safe and visible to cars. I wear a bright pink vest with reflection tape and have a lot of bright running clothes that I use on my long runs.

Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners. Keep us posted on how your runs are going. * L