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Little Table Activities

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In our home, we have this “little table“. You know the one every home with little kids under 5 have. Many from IKEA with a natural wood finish and 2 white chairs. That is the one I am talking about. In our home just about every evening, you will hear us tell our 3 and 5-year-old “go to the little table”. There we do fun activities that usually involve a small set up and gives the kids something to do on their own while we make dinner or get ready to leave the house.

Most dinner nights my hubby is the cook and I put together some version of that for the kids since they do not eat as adventurous as the adults.

Fall is around the corner and with kids going back to school we are changing our schedule, getting into a new groove, and perhaps more soups and raining cold evenings inside.

Over time I captured some of these “little table activities” and posted them to Instagram #littletableactivites for others to glean from and use in their homes when looking for something new to do inside.

Here is little more about the activities, what you need, and tips on things I used or did. Some of my favorite I have in plastic like shoe boxes to pull out and use again and again. Others are a one-time thing or part of a larger project like learning the alphabet.

Some of my favorite little table activities that I keep in clear plastic shoe-boxes to reuse are play-dough and tools,  fake snow, and watercolors with paper. I try to keep the messy activities on days the kids are taking a bath shortly after. What I love about these activities and it keeps them occupied for a good hour.

Other little table activities that have been a hit with my kids are things I have found at the dollar section at Target are more holiday and seasonal, like coloring pumpkins, make a Frankenstein illuminator, and fall stain-glass painting. Seasonal little table activities from the dollar store or Target are a lot of fun for a one-time use.

We also do more educationally little table activities like working on our letters and learning the alphabet. You can make these ahead of time and have a few letters in the box ready to go.

I plan on doing a lot more little table activities as the days get shorter here in the PNW. Follow us at Two Working Moms on Facebook or #TWM on Instagram to see whats new. * L



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