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Virtual Running Group – Week 7

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You all are doing great, and so happy to be seeing your posts and status updates on your runs. We are getting up there and only 5 more weekly challenges left.

For our 7th week, we are staying at 4-miles for our two short runs and adding another mile to our long run for a total of 8 miles.

Week 7 of 12 challenge:


I don’t have a lot of nice running clothes but the one thing I really should get more of is compression running socks. I have a few and I save them for my long runs. They make me feel stronger and for some reason, I feel safer. My first half marathon I didn’t use compression socks and I damaged a muscle that took weeks to heal. Not to say the socks would have prevented this but since then I have used compression socks on race day and long runs and haven’t had any issues.

Do you just love your running socks or other clothing to share with the rest of us? Don’t forget to take a photo of what you are using and keep us posted on your runs.

Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners. * L

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