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Virtual Running Group – Week 5

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It is never too late to be part of this totally free running group, so join us. There is no catch and no cost. You just run and keep us posted on your progress.

It is getting real in week 5 on our virtual running group 12 week challenge.

This week we are adding another mile to our short and long run.

Week 5 of 12 running challenge:


I don’t know about you but I run about a 10-minute pace and after running for 30 minutes in the heat of summer you start to get thirsty. It is great if you can run around a place that has drinking fountains but if not you might want to consider running with water or a hydration bag of some kind.

One time I was so thirsty and desperate for water I used a public bathroom. I washed my hands so fast that the warm water out of the sink foamed up some residual soap as I gulped it down. Yuck….. don’t be that lady and run with water.

Take a photo of what you are using to stay hydrated and why you like it. I ended up getting a hydration vest. Still testing it out and will keep you posted if I love it. Ran with it one time for our long 6-mile run and I had the bottles on backward. I realized this since it wasn’t fitting it right (thought it was a bad design at the time) and the next day I noticed my ribs hurt from it rubbing against them. Should have read the directions better.

Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners. Let’s get out there and run together!!!* L

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