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Virtual Running Group – Week 4

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We made it to week 4 and we are 1/3 of the way there!!!

This week we are adding another mile to our long run for a total of 5 while keeping our 3 miles run for our short runs. Soon we will be increasing our short runs but for now, enjoy the mini runs and try to increase your strength.

Week 4 of 12 running challenge:


Map out your long run and find fun places to run and explore. The great thing about running is the views and all the treasures you find along the way. I’ve been feet away from deers and so close to sites that I usually wouldn’t have seen by foot like fun street art or recently artist crosswalks on the streets near schools. I sometimes stop to snap a photo and it has been a great way to see my city in ways I have never seen it. It also gets me exploring areas I may not have visited otherwise. It is easy to just do the same route but I find exploring other areas really makes running that much more fun.

Share some of your sites and view!!! Make sure to follow Two Working Moms and use the hashtag #TWMrunners to keep us posted on how you are doing. * L

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