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100 Dreams

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I just love Laura Vanderkam and her tips on making the most of the time you do have. One of the things she does to also stay focus is by making a dream list of 100 things you want to do or have in life.

As Laura mentions a lot of people have a bucket list but they don’t usually go beyond the 25-50 things. When you force yourself to think of 100 things you go beyond the travel destinations and get more granular. Plus thinking about them, writing them down, will help your dreams to move into an action, and into the planning part of your brain. As Laura says, you might discover you don’t like something or might want to edit this list as you try or learn new things. That is totally OK.

“It takes things from the realm of what if to knowing truly who you are.”


If you are having a hard time start by think of something easy like places or people to visit. Here is my list of 100 dreams:

Travel Goals

  1. Go back to Paris with hubby for our 10th wedding anniversary (2 more years)
  2. Take the kids the Grand Canyon
  3. Visit Mount Rushmore with the Family
  4. Backpack and hike Machu Pichu Peru
  5. Experience the Northern Lights in (Iceland, Sweden, Canada or Norway)
  6. Spend a night in an overwater bungalow (Maldives, French Polynesia or Fiji)
  7. Do island hopping in Greece
  8. Take a Pasta Cooking class in Italy
  9. Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  10. Take my Mom to Spain for her 80th Birthday
  11. Visit crater lake in OR
  12. Winter wonderland trip with the kids for the holiday season
  13. Mexico City for the day of the dead
  14. Rent a house for a week with a private infinity pool and view
  15. New Zealand the glowing caves
  16. Hike the Havasu Falls
  17. Taiwan Lantern Festival
  18. Boat ride in Venice Italy with my Love
  19. Explore Chefchaouen Morocco
  20. Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia

Personal Goals

  1. Make beautiful pasta to eat
  2. Yearly Half Marathon in beautiful places
  3. Annual Ladies Trip
  4. Learn more Spanish
  5. Live in Baja for a few months a year
  6. Creative time and space (build a painting area in the garage)
  7. Cultivate and maintain amazing friends and spend time with them regularly
  8. More color and flare in my wardrobe
  9. A special celebration for hubby and my 50th birthday
  10. More fashionable
  11. Hit/Maintain 135lbs
  12. Art station at home
  13. Quality over quantity around the home
  14. Birthday cards mailed to friends
  15. Get 1:1 time with my kids 2 times a month
  16. Take my Mom to Europe
  17. Do an annual Mommy and Me friendcation with some of my chicas
  18. Weekly dates with hubby (2 at home and 2 out a month)
  19. Make my kids blankets for their big beds
  20. A strong Instagram tribe

Professional Goals

  1. Re-launch my nonprofit Starlight Scholars
  2. Write a novel
  3. Make my nonprofit Starlight Scholars profitable
  4. Make an impact (by helping mother’s find jobs that support equality)
  5. Support women’s leadership conferences
  6. Blog regularly and share, education, and grow a community
  7. Create a working moms tribe
  8. Help Others Succeed
  9. Read a book a month (stay in my book club)
  10. Don’t cry at work (or at least not in front of anyone)
  11. Be an ally for working moms
  12. Retire or work for myself at 55
  13. Globally recognized award for innovated learning development
  14. Attend People School
  15. Work with cutting-edge technology
  16. Redefine Learning
  17. Grow as a brand ambassador
  18. Two Working Moms a successful foundation
  19. Be an Example for my Kids
  20. 1st Starlight Scholars Project in 2019

Kid Goals

  1. Write a children’s book with my kids
  2. Run a half marathon with my son
  3. Family photos often (at least once a year)
  4. Do volunteering as a family and teach empathy
  5. Make my kids blankets (for their big beds)
  6. Expose my kids to diversity
  7. Kids attend summer school in Mexico (learn Spanish)
  8. An active parent at school with my kids
  9. Make bento box lunches
  10. Teach my kids how to swim
  11. Teach my kids how to snowboard
  12. Get a little dog for the kids as a gift for Christmas
  13. Summer vacations with family
  14. 2-year-old potty trained
  15. 5 year old learns how to read
  16. Quality time with Grandma
  17. Penpal for my son
  18. Kids cooking classes for my son
  19. Science classes for my daughter
  20. Go to church (time to connect with our spirituality)

Family Goals

  1. Family Tree in the Baja House (with photos)
  2. Buy a boat and spend more time on the water as a family
  3. See live shows
  4. Fancy dinners, high-tea, and Galla events
  5. Build a casita in our backyard
  6. Add a second story to our Seattle home
  7. Finish the Baja House
  8. Host a regular play date, dinner, party, or social activity with families monthly
  9. Eat dinners together (do facetime goodnights when I am traveling)
  10. Summer vacations to visit family members
  11. Go up to the snow in the winter time
  12. Annual trip to a new place (to the kids) and learn about it all year long
  13. Summer picnics while watching the sailboat races
  14. Big event or activity to do as a family on weekends
  15. Family New Years Resolutions
  16. Kindness calendar for the holidays
  17. Strawberry, raspberry, or apple picking and cook something
  18. Teach our kids about money
  19. Grow a big edible backyard garden
  20. Create less waste (straws, plastic bags, & trash)

It really helped me to have buckets. I started with personal goals and realized so many of them are in fact family and kid goals. Having 20 goals for each area really made me focus and think about what does Liana want, me as a person, not me as a mom, wife or daughter.

Hope to knock a few of these goals off the list right away and I will keep you all posted on how it goes. * L


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