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Race Results

June 2017 I did my first half marathon. When I signed up a few months prior I couldn’t run a mile without stopping. I was amazed at how much I changed, how strong I got, and after training, I was able to run 13 miles without stopping.

Here is my post with more details about that first run. You never forget your first!


My second half marathon was a passion of love. I trained over the dark PNW winter and most days couldn’t feel my frozen toes. It was hard getting out in the dark and I didn’t train that well.  That said I got the same time as my first half marathon, off by 1 minute. It was so nice not being so nervous for my 2nd race, having one behind me gave me the confidence I would be able to finish. I had a lot of fun dressing up, getting out there, and encouraging friends to do their first half marathon.


This month I finished my 3rd half marathon and I was so excited to share it with some close friends who aren’t new to running. Someone asked me, what time I was going for. A question everyone asks, not only on a race day but when you meet with a group to find who you are pacing with. My pace might be what others call slow at 10:30 minutes a mile, so maybe that makes it easier for me to say that my race goal wasn’t around time or pace. Yes, I would be thrilled to beat my personal best but my goal was to enjoy the run.

Snoqualmie Half was a magical route in the trees, with a crooked river, bridges, barns, and fly fishers. I saw a bunny, dear, and wildflowers as I ran with smiling faces and several water stations with people cheering me on. I really enjoyed the run, the energy, and the huge breakfast after. The event even offered childcare and June is a perfect month in WA with low temps and clear skys. It was a great day and I glowed after knowing I did it!!!


It wasn’t my personal best, at least I don’t think it was. To be honest I barely looked at my time and I only know it wasn’t based on my app. However, if you asked me it was my best race. I sat on the grass after, talked with friends, my husband was there to take me home, and I was happy. All the hard work training with the Seattle Green Lake Running Group paid off and the next day I wasn’t even that sore. I actually considered doing another half the following Wednesday with some coworkers since it was International Running Day.

What the race really taught me was life isn’t about your results, it is about the journey.


You need to enjoy every step, every hill, and be in it for the ride. This really called out to me as I got passed by a man dressed as a chicken in the last half marathon.

If you get your personal best and didn’t enjoy it, it will be an empty promise and won’t fill your cup. Same is true if you fail.

Happiness is enjoying the ride no matter the outcome. * L


P.S. Want to do my next half marathon with me? Join our virtual running group on Instagram.

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San Francisco Hotels

I love San Francisco, and why shouldn’t I, I was born in this city of love and greatness. I’m also lucky to live in Seattle with my family of 4 and a job that allows me to visit my city of love often. Each time I come I test out a new hotel in part to search for my away-home, or to help others find their perfect hotel for their next San Francisco stay.

What I love about hotels isn’t usually listed on a website. Plus it is the little things that really make a hotel room a home for the week. When you travel often there are some things that really matter and  I hope this post helps highlight these for you if they matter to you too.

I have three things that make the hotel a 5 star:

  1. Full-length mirror
  2. A fan in the bathroom
  3. Good iron and ironing board

Of course, other things matter too, like being clean, having a nice bed, friendly staff, and a great location central to things.

Marriott Marquis

This is a big hotel and after staying in some older ones I was ready for a big modern newer place. The room was nice and roomy and even the bathroom had a lot of space and nice full-length mirror.


The view was nice, the place was super clean and I love the bedding. The lobby had some of the most amazing water I have ever tasted. I mean seriously might just go into this lobby next time to fill up my water bottle. The cafe on the floor level had a lot of healthy options and the staff was super nice.

The hotel did have a nice ironing board and it had a bathroom fan it would have gotten a 5 star but since it didn’t, so I am going to have to continue my hunt and give this one a 4 out 5 stars.

Park Central Hotel 

This is an older hotel but aren’t they all in San Francisco. This hotel has a great location close to Union Square, Market, Ferry Building, and Caltrain. It also has some great views and nice big windows.


The room is clean but very simple and bare bones. There isn’t a fridge, no coffee machine, no bottled water for $5 or whatnot. I’m an SPG Member so often I get complimentary water waiting for me but not here to

They do have good wifi so love that and yes to a full-length mirror and good iron. No to the bathroom fan so overall I will give them a 3 out of 5 stars.

Hotel Nikko

This is an older hotel with a lot of heart. They work with Rocket Dog Rescue and they are super dog-friendly. Lots of snacks and bottled water for you to enjoy. Extra blankets and even a nice robe.


The bathroom was clean and had a nice separate bathtub, but no fan.  Overall the room was very clean for an older place and the staff was very nice. Yes to a full-length mirror and good iron and I was happy I stayed here but no reason to go back.

Maybe if I traveled with my dog but I also really like hotel Kimpton for my pup.  I give them a 4 out of 5.

Hotel Zeppelin

My mother-in-law recommended this place and I can see how it is fun and if you like music the decorations and ambiance is awesome. It is an older building and I think they added on or have two buildings together.


There is a fun restaurant bar that I didn’t eat at but looked poping on a weeknight. If you do have a few drinks here make sure you know how to get back to your room. Just trying to find the gym was a scavenger hunt.

The room itself was OK. The carpet is so old that I was truly thankful I had my flip-flops. The window overlooked other windows and it took me awhile to figure out the blinds. Super small bathroom and no fan.

The old character of the hotel didn’t out win my need for feeling like it is clean. It was too confusing of a layout and thus I give this hotel only a 2 out of 5.

W San Francisco

I saved my favorite for last, the W. Just stayed there last week to confirm that this is my home away from my current home. It has the 3 things I like in a hotel, like a bathroom fan, full-length mirror, a good iron, and ironing board. It also has a great bed, and love the Bliss products. The staff is super kind, and the location is perfect for hitting the Ferry Building, Union Square, or a quick walk to the Mission. If only they had a pool I would move in (they did a long time ago).

The XYZ bar is super fun to have dinner and people watch. The bar has lights that change color and there are outlets all over. The bathrooms are gender neutral and the atmosphere is welcoming with fires, TVs, and sitting sofas with lots of cushions.


I would stay here hands down anytime while traveling to San Francisco and give it a 5 out of 5. I will be back W and look forward to my warm budda to guide me to sleep.

Enjoy my list and hope you have a great San Francisco stay. * L