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100 Summer Activities for Kids

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This is my son’s last summer before starting school and I want his little kid summer with his soon to be 3-year-old sister one he will remember. Of course, how can they forget with the absorbent amount of photos I take! In the end, time goes so fast and I saw someone doing a “Summer Bucket List” to be more accountable for doing the things they want to over the summer months. Brilliant!!!


I talked with the family and we came up with a big list. To avoid going crazy and making the most of our time we widdled down this list to only 15 for our summer bucket list. Since it was such a great list I wanted to share my ultimate summer list of 100 summer activities with you all as you think about your summer.


  1. Strawberry Picking
  2. Lemonade Stand
  3. Go to a Lake
  4. No More Training Wheels
  5. Camping in the Backyard
  6. Picnic at the Beach
  7. Learn to Swim
  8. Kids Book Club
  9. Day Hike
  10. Cardboard Fort
  11. Tea Party
  12. Create an Obstacle Course
  13. Backyard Movie Night
  14. Bowling
  15. Visit the Zoo
  16. Visit a Fish Ladder
  17. Bubble Party
  18. Outside Finger Painting
  19. Water Fight
  20. Treasure Hunt
  21. Make Popsicles
  22. Make a Pinata
  23. Make a Bird Feeder/Treat
  24. Nature Center
  25. Petting Zoo
  26. Make Ice Cream
  27. Visit a Farm
  28. Chalk Art
  29. Children’s Museum
  30. Game Day
  31. Kites
  32. Play Dough
  33. Make a Book
  34. Potato Stamps
  35. Farmer’s Market
  36. Frisbee Games
  37. Relays Race
  38. Feed Ducks
  39. Pillow Fort
  40. Make a Movie
  41. Mini Golf
  42. Breakfast for Dinner
  43. Bake Cookies for Friends
  44. Candy Necklace for Movies
  45. Make Homemade Pasta
  46. Play and Make Your Own Twister Game
  47. Donate Old Toys
  48. Kid Toy Car Wash 
  49. Visit a Firestation
  50. Organize a Bike Parade
  51. Grow Flowers to Give
  52. Dino Dig
  53. Make Cards for Senior Center Visit
  54. Take a Ferry Ride
  55. Make Slime
  56. Painting with Chalk Water
  57. Puppet Show
  58. Karaoke
  59. Balloon Animals
  60. Host a Playdate
  61. Make Homeless Care Packages
  62. Visit a New Playground
  63. Go to the Library
  64. Make a Fairy or Trolls Garden 
  65. Build a Box Robot 
  66. Make and Bury a Time Capsule
  67. Backyard Camping
  68. Go Tubing
  69. Eat Lunch with No Hands
  70. Build a Boat
  71. Paint Rocks
  72. Make Mud Pies
  73. Go Bird Watching
  74. Create an Adventure Scrapbook 
  75. ABC Letter Art
  76. Make a Volcano 
  77. Make Soap
  78. Bubble Painting
  79. Backyard Egg Hunt
  80. Egg Carton Flowers
  81. Ice Chalk
  82. Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils
  83. Make Sensory Bottles
  84. Straw Rockets
  85. Press Flowers After Nature Walk
  86. Make Ceramic Tiles for the Garden 
  87. Make Bath Bombs
  88. Learn a New Game
  89. Sensory Soup
  90. Paint Ceramics
  91. Build a Bike Wash
  92. Do a Kids Runs
  93. Baby Bath Station
  94. Have Colored Baths
  95. Make a Family Tree
  96. Do Kids Yoga
  97. Make Your Own Bingo Game
  98. Get a New Pen Pal
  99. Make a Stop Motion Video
  100. Ice & Salt Activity

Enjoy the list and have a great summer!!! * L

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