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Reflection on 2018 Resolutions

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As a working mom with two little kids life gets overwhelming and I would find myself reflecting on the day/week/month and I wasn’t happy with how I’d spent my time. I didn’t eat a vegetable, I overpaid, I didn’t learn anything, and I missed my kids. You know that feeling that you are forgetting something?  Well, I had that feeling all of the time.

This was all before I got my passion planner and my fostered my new obsession to block plan and be more goal-focused with my time. I am super thrilled with my results and wanted to share this with you all to help you with your 2018 goals if they aren’t going as planned. (or if you just want to improve upon them!)

First off, you can’t look at your goals as a whole. Break them down into smaller chunks. Something you can do in an hour, if you can get that small. Divide them up over time and spread these chunks out over the year and build a timeline to check and assess how you are doing.

Awesome! Now you have a plan! Broken into small chunks to make your goals a reality. You now need to add in a golden hour to get these chunks done. My typical workday is jam-packed but there is always 1 hour booked into the schedule to do something that counts towards my goal. This is my golden hour. Most days this hour is from 6-7am. This might seem like a punishment for some but I am often up before 6am on my own, and it’s my time so I look forward to that golden hour. Some of my goals,  (and my mind,) need time and space that doesn’t always work in the twilight hours so I move my golden hour around to accommodate my 7 goals.

My passion planner has a space for a daily focus area for each day of the week. 7 is also my favorite number so it seemed perfect to have 7 goals and dedicate one day, 1 hour to each of them.

Of course, your goal(s) will be different, but I wanted to share what mine are and some of the small things I do in that golden hour to help me achieve the goal. I hope that seeing mine might give you a vision of how you can do yours if your 2018 goals aren’t going as planned or if you want to try to add more goals on to this year.


I started with a focus area and made a 2018 goal two for each of them.

  • Family: new monthly experiences, and quality time with family
  • Home: declutter, remodel bathroom, and make a big edible garden
  • Education: read 1 book a month, and learn Spanish with the family
  • Career: leadership skills, mindfulness, and friendship
  • Health: run 2 half-marathons, drink more water, and eat real foods
  • Creation: new children’s book, and 4 Two Working Mom blogs a month
  • Love: massages and/or regular self-care, and date with hubby monthly

Micro things I do in my golden hour to work towards my goals:

Family: Hunt online for fun events for my family to do. Last month my family went to the Tulip Festival and it was the first time for my daughter Elia went. She loved all of the flowers and we got some fun photos. I try to plan a big fun outing on the weekend for the month and something during the week like going to one of their preschools, having a fun bath with special bubbles and toys, or an evening walk or playtime at the park now that sun is out later.

Home: I was so lucky to hear Kammie talk at the last Harmony event about her book and decluttering tips. For my golden hour, I declutter a small section of the house. I love taking a before photo and seeing the difference. Over time things are getting more organized and an hour here and there makes a difference. I also use my golden hour in the evening if I work in the garden and love doing this with my kids so it’s two goals in one!

Education: I use my golden hour to read. My awesome book club keeps me accountable to read at least one book a month.

Career: For my golden hour I read about leadership, have lunch with people who are good leaders, attend mindfulness training, and take time to foster friendships.

Health: One thing I love doing at 6am is running. I ran 3 miles today and got into the office and felt great. It puts my head is a great place and having already accomplished something makes me feel optimistic. I try to use my golden hour for running 2 days of the week.

Creation: I write for my golden hour. I also surf social media and make fun graphics and stories during that hour. This is the time I post to Instagram and edit my graphics or photos.

Love: I love to run so sometimes my golden hour and self-care is running that day. Other days my golden hour is for massages or planning my monthly date with hubby. Last month we saw the new Avengers movie!

Every month, I reflect on my goals and see how I am spending my time. You will be surprised how much you can get done when you block time to work on your goals. Hope you find a golden hour or other useful strategies to get you there. * L

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