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Spring Wardrobe Challenge

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I mentioned I was doing Project 333 in a previous blog post and wanted to follow up with you on how this spring challenge went with my modified twist.

The goal is to reduce clutter and clothes I no longer use anymore in order to have less stress in the morning and, overall have a better wardrobe of things I used and like. 

For me living with just 33 items isn’t very fun, so in the end, I  hope to have 33 items in my closet I love for the spring season and then start this all over for summer. At the end of the year, I’ll have 4 seasonal wardrobes to look forward to swapping out.

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Frist step was to assess the mess and start moving stuff out of my closet slowly. I work full time and with two little kids, it’s hard to find time to do this at all once.  So I had to do a little here and there on the weekends and evenings. I had a brown grocery bag for donations, folded stuff I was going to sell online, and put the rest of the stuff I might use for another season or just not ready to part with in a spare closet in our guest room.

I have been in my house for 2 years so it was nice getting everything out and cleaning the floors and shelf of the closet before putting things back.






Second, I got new hangers and only hung up only 33 of them in my closet and slowly added my favorite spring items to them. Things that didn’t fit and I still wanted to keep went to the spare closet and might get added back in if I determine something I picked for my 33 isn’t working.

Hangers I got are slim and velvet so they work great at reducing space and keep your close from falling off. In the end, the closet (or my side) looks super organized and easy to see everything and looks nicely organized by color.


March 22nd Update – When I started this project I thought it was going to be really hard only picking 33 items. I love clothes, color, and dressing up. But as I started to lean out things, that didn’t fit great, had holes from a lot of love, or just didn’t work with my style I found I really only used about 20% of my clothes. I picked the things I love, the things I would pack if I went on a long trip and it was easy.

So far getting ready in the morning is easy and I love what I get to pick from. I feel like my outfits have been more put together and its been fun doing more spring prints.  I am inspired to start leaning out some other clothing areas, like my socks, and work-out clothes.

Anyone try a minimalist wardrobe? As a working mom, I like to be put together and hope, less clutter will make my mornings easier.

April 22nd Update – In order to have only 33 items in your closet, you need to do laundry regularly. This is not the case for my family or work travel. I have a trip coming up with my book club then I need to turn around and go to New Mexico after. Over time more hangers got added as well as more clothes from the guest closet.

I will say I am happy I did the challenge and my closet is so much cleaner and organized. The goal was obtained and I don’t feel bad going shopping to add something fun to my closet. Now that it is organized I feel like I can better assess what I need to make my wardrobe more complete.

Guess I am just more of a 100 girl.

Get in the spring mood and join us and this spring challenge. Use the hashtag  #2WMSpringChallenge share your progress and keep us posted. * L




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