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Easter Surprise Cake

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I love any and all holidays and this includes Easter. Since I also like to bake and we had a few friends coming over I wanted to make something fun. Since Easter was on April Fools Day this year I thought an Easter Surprise Cake would be perfect.


I’m a fulltime working mom and I had some crazy projects this week and just didn’t have the time to bake a cake from scratch. Heck, I didn’t know half of my guest could make it till this week so it was all last minute.  Everyone loves Funfetti so I went with 2 boxes of that for my 3 layer cake.

I got a ton of peeps (the bunny version) in a 4 different colors, sprinkles with similar colors, and some jellybeans and other easter egg like candy all at Target.


I baked the first layer and used less than half of the first box of cake mix so it would be on the thin side. Once it cooled I frosted the top and made sure to put a little extra in the middle.

I used more than half of the 2nd box of cake mix with the remaining cake mix I had from the first box. The second layer was used as the middle layer and was the tallest of the 3.

Once it was cooked and cooled, I hollowed out the center by using a large lid I had in the kitchen as a stencil.

I lined the outside of the hollowed out circle with peeps and filled the center with the rest of the candy. Last I added sprinkles before adding more frosting on top for the 3rd layer to stick to.

After frosting the whole cake I added more peeps to the outside making a nice ring around the base. I topped it with sprinkles with similar colors. It looked tall and kind of simple and you couldn’t tell anything was inside.

I was super nervous about cutting the cake and having it cave in or bust out. I also wanted to cut thin slices since it was so tall and I didn’t want to feed that much sugar to all our little guest.

The cake held up nicely and everyone loved it – the kids called it the peep cake. I loved the fact they didn’t know all of the candy was inside. Made for a fun April Fools prank.

Happy Baking * L


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