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Free Easter Coupon Book Printable!

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CaptureAre you like me and scrambling for Easter basket ideas?

Are you like me and putting in a Target pickup order online in between meetings to try to get this candy-filled madness to happen?

Are you like me and are broke like crazy because in addition to all the regular things, we’re also paying a massive amount monthly for graduate school? (it’s okay if you’re not like me in this.)

Then this free printable for you! And every other person out there who wants it.

This is a Coupon Book(please excuse the strange orange line that I couldn’t get rid of, and you know, Easter is coming up and I needed to finish this) so feel free to print it out, cut out a coupon book for your kiddos, and put in their Easter Basket.

There are some blank pages at the bottom for you to create your own coupons, so feel free!

Happy Friday!

xo – Kris

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