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Fantastic Friday Finds

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Liana’s Fantastic Friday Finds:

  1. Better Together: 8 Ways Working with Women Leads to Extraordinary Products and Profits offers a rare and startling look at the business world through the lens of an expert looking in and plots out how ALL types of businesses can gain a competitive advantage and excel past competitors by simply nurturing an equal blend of men and women on leadership teams and staff.  I had the pleasure of hearing Jonathan Sposato talk about his life and experience that shaped this book.
  2. Looking for something fun to do in Seattle? Why not check out Dino Days at The Burke Museum?
  3. Saw this in my office bathroom and I love how women are supporting women!!! 28576099_10155595700287683_7452938280665874432_oWhat are other ways we can have each others back and be there for one another?
  4. Tea Collection is one of our favorites. Stylish and good quality garments. They are also a super cool company that does an annual school fundraising event. Click the link here at use our unique promo code: SDS18VICTORY in order to participate. Once the code is applied, we will receive 15% back of the final order total before tax and shipping, for each purchase using this code. 20180124_SITE_SchoolDays_NONPROFITS_FB_1.png

Kris’s Fantastic Friday Finds:

  1. I saw Black Panther yesterday, and it is simply astounding. I’ll leave everyone to make their own decisions about the movie, and to feel their own feels, but we’re (probably) mostly all parents on this site so I wanted to link to this article about Shuri – probably one of the best, most amazing role models that girls and boys can have. Having such a strong, brilliant, ethnic, and brave female character is the role model our girls need – AND our boys. As a mom of boys, showing them that  smart, strong, and amazing girls are the norm will destroy gender inequality as we know it.
  2. My husband and I are celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary! We have been together almost 17 years, a feat that I never would have believed when I met him at 19. I feel a lot like Elizabeth Banks does in this article.  We’re going to this new-ish Speakeasy-ish bar called Pennyroyal. And it sounds amazing.
  3. To wear, I wanted the BCBGeneration dress I found through Le Tote to arrive, but it didn’t make it in time. Bummed.

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