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Fantastic Friday Finds

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Fabulous Friday List of things that we found this week:

Loved by Kris:

My coworker sent me this bagel recipe and I can’t wait to try it!

This fabulous blog find chronicles the real life of parent sleep. This is AMAZING. And not only because she’s one half of an NFL marriage. And probably the boss half, cause, that’s how we moms roll.

This rags to riches story is perfection. It’s amazing that they both realized how underpaid they were, and fixed that.

NASA Has Officially Listed Musk’s Tesla Roadster As a Celestial Object. Don’t think that needs further comment.

Loved by Liana:

I am super excited to be trying out a tip from one of my favorite instagram moms DebtKikkinMom, the cash envelope. Hubby and I are going to try this new budget tool out to see if we can keep within our financial monthly goals. A lot of our bills are paid digitally so we are just going to do the cash stuff for things that we traditionally used our debit card for. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes!


My favorite thing to do in the kitchen, other than baking, is making bento boxes. I love making them for my kids, especially seasonal ones. LunchBots are the containers I use since they are durable and made out of high-quality stainless steel. This site lists a few other options to see what type of bento box works best for you.

They are so fun and a great creative outlet!!!!

Found a new podcast show on parenting. The Longest Shortest Time is a fun new podcast about the good and the hard parts of parenthood. What a little gem with all sorts of information and relatable stories.

I just found HLTPROcompression socks!!! They have these super cute heart ones I am going to wear this Sunday for The Better Half – half marathon. I got swollen on my last half marathon so these should help, and they look super cute!

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