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Yay for Time Managem—wha? What day is it again?

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I have been on a time management kick my friends. I’ve been listening to audiobook after audiobook on my commute and at my desk, mostly Laura Vanderkam’s books. I’ve especially been favoring the book “I Know How She Does It”, because it’s all stories. Stories of women who have figured it out. Stories of women who are figuring it out. Stories of women who are kicking ass and taking names. Lean in indeed.

I want to lean in too! And I wanted to share with you my day, with some of the tips I’ve learned from my third go around of listening to “I Know How She Does It” (it’s not that impressive – I like to listen to it while I work, so I end up going through a book a day). There are certain things, indeed, that I found ridiculous (cue the story of the woman who wears a silly hat when it’s her “thinking time” so her coworkers know not to disturb her), but many I really loved. She had hundreds of women do a week time log for her, and it was amazing. I love the idea that we have enough time for everything. There’s enough hours in the week to juggle everything. One day I’ll actually do a time log of my hours for a full week, but to honor the idea, here’s a very basic one for today:

7:00am-7:10am: Snooze. I like sleep too much to get up any earlier.

7:10am-7:45am: Up, make breakfast and lunches for kids, make coffee, brush teeth, wash face, dress – out the door.

7:55am-8:00am: Walk tiny human to classroom

8:00-8:15am: Drive to get gas. Time Management Trick: While gas is filling – DO MAKEUP.  I usually do my makeup in the car in the parking lot of my office, but today I did it while pumping gas. Winning.

8:15-8:35am: Drive to work

8:35am-10am: Work, meetings

10am-11:40am: No meetings so I moved to the treadmill desk and walked for an hour and 40 min while I worked.

11:40-12:10pm: Gathered stuff for lunch and decided to drive the half mile instead of walk to save time. Wasted 15 min looking for parking because there were a million events at Liana’s work. Walking would have: burned more calories AND been faster.

12:10-1:00pm: Lunch with 2WM bestie. We discussed various credit cards and relationships. It’s like you know you’re getting older when topics of sex and credit cards can come up in the same conversation, with equal amounts of enthusiasm.

1:15pm-2:15pm: Back to desk

2:15-2:30p: Daily call with husband. We work opposite hours, so we talk for 15 min each day on his way to work.

2:30-4:30pm: Work

4:30pm-5:15pm: Leave work early and pickup kids from after school care (I need to do this once a week). After I pick up my 7 year old, he starts reading the case study that I didn’t read for class tonight. Time Management Trick! Kids can help you study! And he learns about advocacy and legislature at the same time!!

Drop them at our house where my in-laws are waiting to watch them while I go to class. I scrounge for 3 cans of soup and point to bread and peas, and scramble out the door for school. Drive to school.

6:00pm-9:00pm: Grad school.

9:30pm: Home, send in-laws away

9:30-11:30 pm: Chase a raccoon around the yard by waving a flashlight through the window. Pet and feed and scoop cat. Do 100 crunches. Do 50 pushups. Do 2 min of squats. Write this blog post. Email an advocacy organization. Get ready for bed. Check my calendar for tomorrow (usually I don’t take lunch in general, which makes up for leaving an hour early on Tuesdays. I’ll make it up the rest of the week). Think about the papers due on Thursday and Friday. Freak out internally. Try on a dress ordered from Amazon, immediately return said dress because I didn’t mean to buy a dress that made me gain 30 pounds.

11:30pm – 11:50pm: Husband is home early, so we have a glass of wine and chat. Then, decide it’s time to go to sleep, because tomorrow is Thursday.


Wait. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Dammit.


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