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Fantastic Friday Finds

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Hi friends! I hope you had a fantastic week. We are working hard on our Harmony 2.0 event, and are looking for ways to make it as inclusive as possible for all mamas! The cost just covers food and incidentals, so if you want to attend but the cost is prohibitive, let us know! Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend, dreaming of crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

Fabulous Friday List of things that we found this week:

Loved by Kris: 

Eagles or Pats! Eagles or Pats! Or, in my case: Nachos or Wings! Guacamole or Salsa! My absolute favorite Super Bowl Snack are Totchos! Touchdown!

Anyone else a Room Mom…who is horribly behind in organizing a Valentine’s Day party for a Kindergarten class…who is trying to sneak in creating a signup genius sometime between work and grad school? Hey me too! This is my savior for all those valentines…

A new-to-me Seattle mom blogger who taught me a new word: JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)! Also: Her aspirations to explore more totally validated why I spent much of the day dreaming of my bucket list of places to go…New Zealand is there, as is the Rhone…

I’m heading to Santa Barbara for long weekend in February and have been looking for a new swimsuit. My “mom” Speedo, while great for swims in the indoor pool with the kiddos, is a little…worn. And my “mom” bod hasn’t allowed for any of my cute bikinis to come out of hiding. I think I might spring for this one… what do you think?

Loved by Liana: 

I am in love with this book I am reading called Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. If data can be funny this is the book. I’m not even halfway and the stuff I have learned from google and porn site data. I don’t want to give anything away but do read this little gem and find out what everyone isn’t 100% honest about.

The next best thing to wasabi tape are these erasable pens by Frixion. I am Passion Planner fanatic and these pens are a dream come true, keeping my planner clean, pretty, and never having to cross things out if they get rescheduled.

It is Friday and I am ready for the weekend. To kick it off my hubby and I do a ‘married with two kids’ version of happy hour at home. We make personalized pizzas and mix up some fun cocktail for the adults. My all-time favorite drink and what I usually order when I am lucky enough to go out is a Blood and Sand. This scotch drink is a strong one but the cherry liqueur and orange juice make it taste like candy and I just love them.

One of my new favorite new Insta-Mamas is Brooke / $50 Dollars 7 Days.  She is a minimalist mom sharing the fun challenge of feeding 3 on a $50 or less weekly food budget. She has some yummy dishes that I hope to make one day. Her page has great photos and I love how she shares the ‘behind the scenes’ ones as well.



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